Ajrak Fabrics – Buy Online Ajrak Fabrics Online

Ajrak Fabrics – Buy Online Ajrak Fabrics Online

Ajrakh Prints

Ajrakh is a block-printing craft which has been popular in India from the mediaeval period. Originally the printing was done using natural dyes made from vegetables and minerals. Indigo color made from the herb Indigofera tinctoria (Neeli/Neelini) and crimson red made using minerals are the major colours used in the process. The prints come in earthy colors like rust, olive green, red, indigo, brown, maroon, mustard yellow, black, beige, etc.

The printing technology is eco friendly as it involves only organic colors. The fabrics are a little expensive since they are hand crafted and use natural colors. It provides livelihood to artisans in the katch region.

Ajrakh prints are in vogue today and ace designers in India and Pakistan use ajrakh fabrics in their designs. You can also spot Bollywood stars in ajrakh kurti or lehenga- choli. The material is quite comfortable to wear in Indian climate.

Another key feature of the ajrakh is its durability. The fabric could be upcycled to make file-folders, book covers, bags, quilts, footwear and jewelry. Old Kurtis could be recycled or fabric scrap cut off during manufacturing of cloths could be used for making them.

In recent years, the geographical properties of the Koch region have changed due to earthquakes and availability of water. Natural dyes are no more abundantly available to meet growing demand for the block printed fabrics. Because of that, the artisans resort to chemical dyes which are cheap and can be produced in bulk. Buy ajrak fabrics online @ scarletthread.in make every effort to make sure to use only authentic ajrakh fabric made with organic dyes.

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